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With over four decades of sales and marketing jobs working with tiny local companies, huge multinational corporations, and everything in between, I believe that I have seen almost everything there is to see in how businesses grow and prosper. Sadly, I have also seen the effects of bad decisions, uninspired personnel, inadequate sales and marketing programs or poor execution. 


Trust me, it is the same no matter the size of the company or how many people you have working with you. It took me almost forty years to comprehend an uncomplicated concept that put an end to the unintended consequences that came from my poor planning and execution; an understanding that led me and my teams to amazing results.


It is my intention to share this fundamental concept with as many people as possible in hopes that we can all focus on executing our plans for successful business, instead of the reactionary fire drills and constant chaos that are the result of a lack of a strong plan and commitment to our goals.

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•    Seven Industry Disruptions
      •    Participated in 5 Disruptions
•    Started 2 Disruptions
•    Two Print & Imaging Patents
•    Initiated
Industry Changing Solutions
      •    EDOX - $500,000,000+ Revenue
      •    DocSend - $500,000,000+ Revenue



•    Office Automation
•    Managed Print Services
•    Document Capture & Distribution
•    Cloud Printing
•    Production Color Printing
•    Wide Format Color Printing
•    Desktop Publishing
•    Database Publishing Systems

•    Automated Publishing Systems 
•    Capital Equipment Sales

•    Database Media Distribution


•    Entrepreneur - Author
•    Sr VP Sales & Marketing
•    Director, Office Solutions
•    Product Line Manager
•    Senior Sales Development Manager
•    Director, Office Connectivity
•    Director, eBusiness
•    Director, Marketing
•    Product Development Manager
•    National Sales Manager

•    Sales Representative

•    Warehouseman

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